Livo Recorder Pro

Never lose a phone number, address, directions or instructions again - just start recording with the Livo Recorder Pro app and Livo desktop widgets!

Livo Recorder Pro is a versatile audio/voice recorder with great looks and many features not found in other recorders. Livo is perfect for professional dictation, lectures, music ideas, conducting interviews, or for anyone just quickly capturing a thought, idea, or moment. You can capture the title of the event, its author or source, and its date and duration. The Livo recordings list allows you to sort your samples by any of these fields.

Livo's advanced features include a Tivo-style "Monitor" feature that can continuously record the most recent conversation while you do other tasks. When you hear something you want to keep - Livo already has it, and you can either stop or extend the recording!  Other recording options allow the user to schedule a recording to start at a specific time, or for a specified amount of time, or both!

To Download:  Livo Recorder Pro is available from Google Play or Amazon AppStore on devices running Android 1.6 or later. Just click the previous links on either market name, search for "Livo" in either market, or scan the QR code above using a Bar Code Scanner app on your phone.

Livo Recorder Lite (FREE)

Want to try out all of Livo Recorder Pro's great features for FREE? Check out Livo Recorder Lite - the free ad-supported version of Livo with all the great features of Livo Recorder Pro! Try it and find out what Livo can do for you. When you are ready, click the "Upgrade" button in the app to get Livo Recorder Pro with no ads, unlimited recording time, and the first version to receive new features!

NOTE: Livo Recorder Lite is a lite version that limits recording after 30 MINUTES PER MONTH of recording time. Livo Recorder Lite will NOT stop in the middle of a recording. So, you can take longer recordings, but once your monthly total has exceeded 30 minutes, new recordings can not be made until your 30 minute limit is reset on the first of the following month.

Livo Recorder Features

Powerful Recording Features

  • Pause & Resume Recording
  • Scheduled record: start at a future time
  • Timed record: stop after a set duration
  • Stealth mode: record discretely with no visible indicators
  • Record with the screen off
  • Even add addition recording onto previous recordings!

Flexible Playback Features

  • Pause & Resume Playback
  • Slider control with digital position display for Seek-FastForward-Rewind
  • Record or Play in the background while doing other tasks

Multiple Recording Formats

  • AMR file format
  • 3GP file format
  • WAV file format
    • Sample Rates: 8kHz, 11kHz, 22kHz, 44kHz
    • Mono or Stereo recording*
    • 8bit or 16bit recording*

Share Options

  • Share recordings with friends/colleagues/secretary via E-mail, Evernote, DropBox, Google Drive, Skype, etc.
  • Set one or many default email addresses
  • "Auto-share" prompts to share when recording completes

Desktop Widget

  • Record, Play, Pause/Resume from your desktop!
  • 4x1, 2x1, and 1x1 widget size options

Tivo-style "monitor"

  • Never miss an event!
  • Always-on recording when enabled
  • Set duration of audio history to keep

Integration with other Apps

  • Send recordings to RingDroid to edit or to use as ring tone!
  • Share your recordings via email, Evernote, DropBox, Skype, and more
  • Select your preferred email client when emailing recordings

* (when supported by the recording device hardware)

Livo Tips and FAQs

Tip for Recording Quality

The mic on most phones is a hole at the bottom of the phone - point this toward the audio source for best recording quality. WAV format recording typically gives clearer sound quality, but the file sizes are larger when emailing or transferring.


Livo uses two primary windows:the Main screen has the Livo logo and shows you a list of all your current recordings (called "Events").The Event screen allows you to edit the details associated with an individual event as well as play, replace, or add to the audio recording itself.

Accessing Menus

There are menu options on both the Main screen and Event screen by pressing the "Menu" button.Individual events in the list on the Main screen have additional options by long-pressing an individual event.

Main Screen

One-touch Play is performed by tapping on any existing recording in the list.Livo offers one-touch Record or Monitor functions using the buttons provided.You can create a new Livo Event without starting recording by clicking the New Event button.Long-press any Event in the list for options to: Open the event, Share the audio via other apps, or Delete the event.The "Menu" button gives you options to Sort your events list, open the Settings dialog, or open the About dialog.Note: sort twice by the same field to reverse the order of the sort.

Livo Event Screen

Livo Event Screen provides standard audio recording and playback as well as more advanced features.Both recording and playback may be paused using the "Pause" button, and resumed by pressing the "Pause" button a second time.The "Stop" button can be used at any time to stop the current playback or recording. The "Menu" button gives you options:

  • Save your updates and return to the Livo Main screen
  • Share your recording
  • Delete your recording
  • Show the recording Filename
  • Discard your changes and return to the Livo Main screen

Monitor Function

Livo Provides a "Monitor" function that allows the user to constantly record the most recent audio heard.If you have the monitor history set to 2 minutes and start the Monitor, Livo will keep the last 2 minutes of audio history, ready for you to save or extend at any time. The monitor function currently only supports .amr file format.

Background Recording

From the Livo Event Screen, you can press the "Back" or "Home" buttons while playing, recording or monitoring to put Livo into the background while you do other things.You can return to your active event by clicking on the Livo Notification in the Notification bar, or by returning to Livo application directly.

Phone Call Recording

Unfortunately, Phone Call Recording is NOT currently supported consistently by various Android devices, and therefore not supported by Livo Recorder Pro. In addition, some phones (the Motorola Droid for example) may hang, crash, or experience other problems if an audio recorder (such as Livo) is recording when a phone call is received or initiated. IF YOU EXPERIENCE ISSUES DURING PHONE CALLS, go to Settings from the Livo main screen menu and select "Stop Recording On Call" to avoid an inadvertent loss of recordings. This is a issue between Android and the phone hardware and can not be fixed by an application.


Livo Settings are accessible from the Livo Main screen by pressing your phone's "Menu" button.




In addition, Livo provides configurable settings for the following functions.

  • Sharing Options: You can set one or more default email addresses to which to send recordings. You can also tell Livo to automatically prompt you to share each recording as it completes.

  • Stop on Phone Call: This setting will automatically stop any Livo recording if a call is initiated or answered on your phone. Some phones (such as the Motorola Droid) do not support recording during a phone call, so this feature may be required to be enabled on those devices.

  • Monitor History: The amount of audio history to keep when using the Monitor function

  • Remaining Record Time Warning: Livo will warn you if it is recording and the remaining record time available on your SDCard drops below this amount

  • Stop Record on Low Disk Space: Livo will stop recording automatically if the space remaining on your SDCard drops below this amount

Livo Recorder Pro and Livo Recorder Lite are supported by Oso Apps, LLC.

If you have questions or problems, please contact us at

Thanks for using Livo Recorder Pro and Livo Recorder Lite!

The Livo Team